Tour Mantua and Maranello

You will be taken on a day trip to Mantua.

Mantua is a city in the Lombardy region and was one of the centers of the Italian Renaissance.
In 2008 it was declared a UNESCO World Heritage City.

Throughout its history many artists, painters and sculptors, among whom Mantegna, Pisanello and Leon Battista Alberti,  lived and worked here and Mantua is still an artistic and cultural center.

The city has Etruscan origins and reached its cultural climax during the long period of domination by the Gonzaga family (1328-1707). The Duke’s Palace is today the symbol of this important period.

During the morning you will have free time to visit this small town - the palaces, churches, narrow side streets and picturesque nooks and beautiful squares.
You will also have time to shop and enjoy a meal with local delicacies such as pumpkin-filled  ravioli or the local style risotto.

Just outside the walls and a short walk away is Palazzo Te, the Gonzaga family’s sumptuous summer home, well worth a visit. Today it houses temporary exhibitions of international art.

In the afternoon the visit will continue to Maranello, the town close to Modena famous for the Ferrari. We will take you to visit the Ferrari museum entirely dedicated to the luxury car, where you will be amazed at the avant-garde technological innovations and where you can retrace the steps of the history of the Ferrari. You will also see new prototypes and you can have an exciting experience behind the wheel of a simulator. Later we will visit the MEF (Enzo Ferrari Museum), an innovative interactive museum.

Our staff is at your disposal to customize the program to suit your needs.

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